Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a cash management service offered by First State Bank to help deter check and Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud.

The bank can match the checks and ACH payments a business issues against those presented for payment. Any payment/check considered to be potentially fraudulent is sent back to the issuing business for examination.

Here’s how it works:
ABC Company issues approximately 50 checks and 20 ACH payments each
Friday. After the payments are issued, ABC Company transmits to the bank a list of the ACH payments and checks that they issued (check number and dollar amount).

Later, when the ACH/checks are presented to First State Bank for payment, the bank matches each check/ACH presented against ABC’s previously transmitted lists. If the presented numbers and amounts appear on the
previously submitted list, the check/ACH is sent through for payment. If
items do not match, the check/ACH is not cleared.

When a company signs up for Positive Pay service, they are agreeing to perform two actions:
1.  They will transmit issued check/ACH files.
2.  If there are any exceptions, they will research and provide a response as to whether or not to pay or return the check/ACH.

Please contact Debra Foxworth at 601-671-2139 for more information on Positive Pay.