Promotions and Transfers

Stacy Hutto promotion

Stacy Hutto

Stacy has been promoted to SVP of the Mortgage Division.

Alice Knight promotion

Alice Knight

Alice has been promoted to Assistant Vice President of Lending in Lucedale.

Tatum Holley promotion

Tatum Holley

Tatum Holley has been promoted to Account Services Representative II in Waynesboro.

Tia Hutcherson promotion

Tia Hutcherson

Tia Hutcherson has been promoted to Account Services Representative II in Waynesboro.

Katlyan Becton promotion

Katlyan Becton

Katlyan Becton has been promoted to Loan Secretary in Waynesboro.

Candy Pitts transfer

Candy Pitts

Candy Pitts has transferred to Audit Assistant in Waynesboro.

Becky Holifield transfer

Becky Holifield

Becky Holifield has transferred to Safe Deposit Box Custodian/Compliance Assistant.

Alli  Cromwell promotion

Alli Cromwell

Alli Cromwell has been promoted to Branch Head Teller in Ellisville.

Vickie McLaurin transfer

Vickie McLaurin

Vickie McLaurin has been transferred to New Accounts/CSR representative in Ellisville.

Manessia Powe transfer

Manessia Powe

Manessia Powe has transferred to Compliance Assistant in Waynesboro.

Stephanie  Beard promotion

Stephanie Beard

Stephanie Beard has been promoted to BSA Analyst/Compliance Assistant.

Tyieshia Russell transfer

Tyieshia Russell

Tyieshia is now an Account Service Representative in Waynesboro.

Jessica  Pittman transfer

Jessica Pittman

Jessica Pittman has transferred to Runner/Account Service Representative.

Jarrod Frasier promotion

Jarrod Frasier

Jarrod Frasier has been promoted to Senior Vice President in Laurel.

Broc Koen promotion

Broc Koen

Broc Koen has been promoted to Loan Officer in Waynesboro.

Shawn Hales transfer

Shawn Hales

Shawn Hales has transferred to the position of Collections Assistant in Waynesboro.

Tabitha McIlwain promotion

Tabitha McIlwain

Tabitha McIlwain has been promoted to Electronic Banking Clerk in Waynesboro.