Fraud Prevention Center

Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card or Credit Card

Debit Card Fraud Notifications
Protecting your debit card from fraud requires monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. First State Bank now provides automated fraud detection and alerts for your debit card.

Best Practices for Online Banking Security
User ID and Password Guidelines, General Guidelines, Tips to Protect Online Payments & Account Data and Account Transfer.

Security - Our Part / Your Part
Be Safe and Secure

Safeguarding Your Privacy
Learn more about our Online Banking Privacy and Security.

Protecting Your Identity
Tips and Tools for Safeguarding Your Personal Information From Being Used Fraudulently

Beware of Scams
The Seven Deadly Scams, Tips to Protect Yourself, How to Report Scams and Scams in Disaster Areas

Social Networking and Identity Theft
What is social networking and/or identity theft?

If You Become a Victim of Fraud
Additional Resources

Federal Bureau of Investigation

ABS Breach
American Bank System Breach

Identity Theft
Identiy theft packet and affidavit